Revoke and Edit API Keys

As a Campus Cloud Administrator, you can edit or revoke API keys on the Campus Cloud.

Once you have Created a New App Integration, it can be used to send out notifications or integrate third-party apps with the Ready Education platform. You can edit and revoke these API keys as follows:

  •  Login to the Campus Cloud. 
  •  Click on Campus Settings, then click API Management

To Edit the API key:

  • Click Edit next to your desired API key.
  • You can edit the App Name.  
  • Select/ de-select the API endpoints (at least one endpoint must be selected).
  • Click "Save."

The API will be saved with the new edits.

To revoke the API key, click "Revoke" next to your desired API. Click "Revoke" to confirm the delete. The API will be deleted from the Campus Cloud.