Troubleshoot Campus Cloud Login Issues ("Invite Email")

As a Master administrator, you may be asked to troubleshoot Campus Cloud login issues. For example:

  • Someone might tell you they did not receive a Campus Cloud invite email, even though they expected to.
  • Or, you might notice for yourself some people have "Pending" status meaning they have not yet successfully logged in to Campus Cloud.

Here are the steps to follow to troubleshoot such issues.

1. Check the Campus Cloud Account

First, ensure the person has been invited to Campus Cloud and check the status of their account. 

Here are the steps to take:

  • Login to Campus Cloud.
  • Click your name (top right of the screen), then click "Team Settings."
  • Click "Team Members."
  • Search for the person's name or email.

If you do not find the person's account, you need to invite them. Please see: Team Settings.

If you find the account, and the status is "Active", the person needs to change their password and log in. You can refer them to: Change Your Password

If the status is "Pending," the next step is to resend the invite email. See (2) below.

2. Resend Invite Email

First, resend the Campus Cloud invite email to the person you want to invite. If the person gets this email, you'll be good to go. 

  • Find the person in the list of team members. 
  • Click "Resend Invite" (*).

Campus Cloud will send a new invite email. 

3. Check Spam and Junk folders

After resending, if the person still cannot find the invite email, be sure to have them check their spam and junk folders. 

Your school email server may have spam and junk folders as well. If you have access, be sure to check those too.

4. Get Help from Support

If you still have issues sending invite emails to people, there may be an issue with your school's firewall or email filter. 

To resolve this issue, here are the steps to take: 

  1. Submit a request at Ready Education Help Center with the name and email address of anyone having issues logging in to Campus Cloud, for a short-term fix.
  2. For a long-term solution, your Campus IT department will have to follow the steps in this FAQ: Enable Access to Campus Cloud.
  3. If you require assistance enabling access to Campus Cloud, Submit a request at Ready Education Help Center.