Authenticated Web App Tile Component Architecture

Here is a component architecture diagram followed by an explanation of how each of the different components work together to ensure the authenticated web app tile is functional. See the key term section for an explanation of each component.


  1. The Ready Mobile App negotiates an external user token with the Ready Servers. This token will be used later by your application's backend to get the specific user's information (see step 4/5).
  2. When a user clicks your tile, the Ready Mobile App will load your Campus Web App. Your web app must use the following Ready JS-SDK library to fetch the user token.
    1. Link to the Ready JS-SDK documentation:
  3. The Campus Web App will use the Ready JS-SDK to get the User token and send it to your Institution Servers. (All calls by the Campus Web App must include the User token).
  4. The Institution Servers queries the Ready Platform API with the Session Key as a parameter and API token as part of the request.
    1. Link to the Ready Platform API documentation:
  5. The Ready Platform API responds with the user information (which Ready receives through the integration with the institution authentication (LDAP/SSO)).
  6. User's information can be used by the institution to look up data in the database and return it in the Campus Web App to the app user.

Key Terms

Ready Mobile App = Your branded campus app that students can download to their phone.

Campus web app = A campus created and maintained web application that can be rendered through an in web browser within the Ready Mobile App.

Institution Servers = A shorthand for backend webservices created and maintained by the institution.

Ready Servers = A shorthand for backend webservices created and maintained by the Ready Development team.

Ready Platform API = A webservice provided by Ready Education for customers to use to access the user's username.

Ready JS-SDK = A JS SDK that institutions can use to assess if the current user is logged in and their username if they are.

User token = A string uniquely generated per user upon login, and refreshed through the Ready Mobile App's session management.