Create an Authenticated Web App Tile

As a Campus Cloud administrator, you can use Studio to create an Authenticated Web App Tile so students can directly access any web app created by your institution. You can leverage the authentication from the campus app to seamlessly log users in to your custom web apps.

 To set up your Authenticated Web App, you need the following:

Your campus app must be integrated with Single-Sign-On.

Before you begin, please review the Authenticated Web App Tile Component Architecture document.

Setting up your Web App with Ready Authentication

To set up your web app to use Ready Authentication, here are the steps to take: 

  1. Add the Ready JS-SDK to your web app to retrieve the user token
  2. Implement the Ready Public API to your backend to retrieve the user information
  3. Create the campus guide tile to add your web app to Campus Cloud (see below)

Create the Campus Guide Tile

To create an Authenticated Web App Tile in Studio:

  • Create a campus guide tile in Campus Cloud Studio.
  • Select "Web Link" from the Content Menu. 
  • Select "Authenticated Web App" as Link Type.
  • Input link URL.
  • Click "Save Changes." 

Your authenticated web app tile appears in the app, in the campus guide. When users tap the tile, they are taken to your web app without needing to log in again.