Troubleshooting Integrated Feeds

As a Campus Cloud administrator, you may be asked to troubleshoot feeds integrated with the campus app, such as:

Here are some things to check:

  1. Valid date range
  2. Availability of feeds
  3. Format of feed data

1. Valid Date Range

When you sync a feed for the first time, we import items between: 

  • 3 months in the future from the Start Date

We do not import items outside that date range.

2. Availability of Feeds

To work with integrations, a feed hosted on the web must be accessible to our servers, i.e., not protected behind a firewall or security system. 

If a feed is not accessible by our servers, it cannot be integrated into the campus app. 

3. Format of Feed Data

RSS, Atom, and iCal feeds must be in specific formats to work with integrations.