Invite Users to the Test Environment

As a Campus Cloud admin, you can invite users to the app test environment. These test users can make changes to the test environment without affecting the publicly available campus app. They can also view changes you made to the test environment. 

Test users can make changes to the campus app, then preview the changes without making them publicly available. Note that there is one test environment shared between all testers, rather than one test environment for each user.

Here are the steps to take: 

  • Log in to Campus Cloud.
  • Click your name (top right of the screen), then click "Test Environment Users."

Campus Cloud displays the list of users who have access to the test environment. 

  • To invite a new user in the test environment, click "Invite Users."
  • Type the email addresses of one or more users
  • Click "Invite."

An email (with the subject "App Test Environment") is sent to each of the addresses you provided, with instructions on how to use the campus app to preview your changes.