Enable Access to Campus Cloud

If you are not receiving Campus Cloud invitation emails and password reset emails, your email server may be blocking these messages. 

Your email server must accept emails from the following two (2) sources:

  • the domain readyeducation.com
  • the IP address

As well, your network must be configured to accept traffic from the following two (2) domains:

  • readyeducation.com
  • api.studentlifemobile.com


Microsoft Office 365 Message Quarantine

We have had issues in the past with Microsoft's hosted Office 365 email. Campus Cloud invitations were wrongly being labelled as bulk (spam) emails and were being quarantined.

If you use Microsoft Office 365 hosted email, you may be affected by this issue.

The "symptoms" of this issue are:

  • Upon trying to log in to Campus Cloud, the user receives a message "Please check your credentials and try again."
  • The user has a status of "Pending" Campus Cloud Team Settings.

What's happening?

  • The user is not able to click the link to set a password ("Pending" means: password not set).
  • Upon trying to log in, the credential is not accepted because no password has been set.

To resolve the issue, you might: 

  • Enable delivery of the invite emails with email delivery rules, which you apply to the Office 365 Mail Server. 




Example Screenshots

The image below shows the Outlook 365 message quarantine, with three invitation messages that were diverted: 

Figure 1: Office 365 Message Quarantine showing three diverted invite emails

To enable delivery of Campus Cloud to invite messages, create a spam bypass/whitelist rule. For an example, see the image below: 

Figure 2: An example Rule allowing a message to pass through quarantine.

A suitable Rule is to allow messages from the following sender: 

  • no-reply@readyeducation.com via @*.sendgrid.net

Creating this rule:

  • Allows Campus Cloud invites through the quarantine.
  • Lets your users receive an invite email and set a password.
  • Gives users the correct credential to log in.