Enroll in the Apple Developer Program


Ready Education will upgrade multiple features in our product suite to offer our customers the most up-to-date, innovative, and stable product. To take advantage of the latest releases and updates, it is required that your Campus App be hosted in your Apple Account, for which your institution will need to enroll in Apple Developer Program as an Organization.

Apple now requires you to publish your campus app under your developer account.

Before enrolling in the Apple Developer Program

You'll need to create an Apple ID for your Organization if one doesn't exist. If you're unsure if your organization has an Apple id, you can check it at iforgot.apple.com

  • To create an Apple ID, use the name of the designated person who will be in charge of the account you'll receive an email confirmation to verify your account.
  • Once you have your Apple ID, you're ready to register for your Apple Developer Account.
Note: It's important to note you should not use a personal apple id for your organization and
this enrolment process.

Fig 1. Create your Apple ID

After creating the Apple ID, accept the Apple Developer Agreement. Once you have your Apple ID, you're ready to register for your apple developer account. Sign in to your apple developer account
using your apple id to log in agree to the terms, and then click Submit.


Fig 2. Accept Terms of Service

Detailed information that you need to know before enrollment is available here.

Enroll in Apple Developer Program

If your institution is not enrolled in the Apple Developer Program, please enroll in Apple Developer Program as an Organization. 

  • You’ll need an Apple ID with two-factor authentication
  • Make sure to select entity type “Accredited Educational Institution.”
  • Look up your DUNS numbers here (or here for institutions in Canada)

After you have created your Apple Developer Account, it's time to enroll in Apple's developer program
log into your developer account, and then

  • Click join the apple developer program button

  • Check here if you are eligible for the Apple Developer Fee Waiver.
  • Click Enroll in the upper right-hand corner on the next page, you'll see the information needed to enroll as an organization.

  • Once you have all the needed information listed on the screen, Click start enrollment at the bottom of the page and make sure that you verify your Apple ID information.

  • In the next entity type, you'll see develop apps with the drop-down menu where you can select either a non-profit organization, an accredited educational institution or a company/ organization
    depending on your organization type, it's very important that you enroll as an organization and not as an individual in this process.

  • If your account is created as an individual account, you'll have to contact apple and have them switch it to an organization account.
  • The next step in the enrollment process is to enter your organization's information. This form will ask you to verify your contact and organization's information. Click continue to proceed.

  • If you are having issues entering your DUNS number, you'll need to reach out to DUNS and
    Bradstreet can be contacted by live chat on their website, email or phone.
  • After you complete the enrollment process, check your email for confirmation from Apple that your enrollment is being processed. Make sure to open the email and follow the instructions to activate your Apple ID.
  • If you cannot verify your Apple ID, Apple's verification process can take up to three business days, and you'll receive another email from apple after they've completed the verification process.
  • Once you complete your purchase, you'll receive a purchase confirmation email and membership confirmation email eligible nonprofits accredited educational institutions and government agencies may be eligible to have their annual fee of $99 waiver after you receive your enrollment id.
Once your institution is enrolled in the Apple Developer Program, please make sure to 
Add Ready Education as an admin.