iOS App Transfer


A recent amendment(4.2.6) to the Apple Developer Guidelines means that Ready Education needs to update how your app was published. Ready Education will no longer be able to push updates and bug fixes for your app through our Apple Developer account; all submissions must now be made using an Apple Developer account owned by your institution.

To submit your campus app to the Apple App Store, your institution will need to enroll in the Apple Developer Program and grant Ready Education administrators privileges. Once enrolled, Ready Education will transfer your Campus App from our account to your institution's account, thus enabling us to publish all updates through your account. Once the transfer is complete, no additional work will be required by your institution.

Steps for  iOS App Transfer

  1. Enroll in the Apple Developer Program 
  2. Add Ready Education as "Admin."
  3. Share the following details by submitting a request
  4. You must accept the transfer within 60 days of its initiation. More details on Accepting the Transfer here.

Please note that you need to be logged in as the account holder of the Apple Developer account to accept the transfer. You could choose to use the following details on the prompt for metadata, (note our build scripts will overwrite the data with a new release). 

  • Support URL:
  • Marketing URL:
  • Privacy policy URL:
  • CCATS: Not Applicable to our app
  • App Review contact information: Enter the IT contact information at the school
  • App Store contact information: Enter the IT contact information at the school

App transfers can take up to two business days to complete, depending on an export compliance review.

For further help with this process, please submit a request at Ready Education Help Center