What size images should I use in Campus Cloud?




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    Jim Bob Pipes

    "Use a width to height ratio of 2:1."

    The actual ratio is 1.8:1 for tiles in the campus guide. If you use 800x400 it will crop the sides. Instead use 720x400 and it will fit perfectly.

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    I'd like to recognize your comment ... the first user comment in our knowledge-base. Thanks!

    And thank-you for pointing this out. I updated our FAQ to reflect the latest changes to Campus Cloud. 

    Thanks again!


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    Matthew Thomas

    A few other questions.

    What is the recommended aspect ratio/resolution for the App Banner?

    Are the image recommendations for a Campus Guide tile the same as an event?

    Also when adding Resources to a Resource List there is an image that is limited to 300kB. What is the recommended aspect ratio/resolution for these assets?


    Matthew Thomas 

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    Matthew -- great questions!

    You can take any image smaller than 5MB in size, and upload that using Campus Cloud Studio to become the app banner. 

    When you upload any image, there is a Crop/Resize tool that lets you zoom the image, and crop it, to obtain the best result.* This tool automatically finishes with an image in the ratio of 1.8 to 1 (width to height).

    When you're adding any image to become a Campus Guide tile, you'll find the same Crop/Resize tool helps you to get the best result. 

    Images for resources in a list are a bit different. In some cases, these images are displayed as rectangles (as a banner at the top of the screen). Sometimes they are displayed as circles (such as when they appear in a list). This is why you can still aim for a ratio of 1.8 to 1, but you should make sure all the important information appears in the center of the image -- because sometimes that rectangular image will have to appear in a round hole, so to speak. 

    Matthew, writing these responses to you has made me realize there is some potential to make this process smoother and clearer, so I will be bringing this up with the Campus Cloud product manager and I'll see if I can't help to make your life simpler : ) 

    If you'd like to ask other questions, or give other feedback, please do, or feel free to write me in person at support@readyeducation.com.




    (*) To Zoom from within the Crop/Resize tool: Scroll with your mouse wheel or trackpad.  To Crop: Drag the image to highlight the portion you want to keep. The image you save will automatically have a ratio of 1.8 to 1 for optimal display in the campus guide.


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