Course Integration through Flat File Transfer

The Ready Education platform seamlessly integrates data sources and school software systems directly into the app to make the app more helpful to students daily.

Course integration lets students see their class schedule and course information from within their campus app. The screenshots below show examples of how this appears in the app:


The Ready Education Data Integration Node (REDIN) is our custom-built, flexible software stack that makes course integration easy and painless for your institution. REDIN is comprised of API and CSV-based flat-file transfer processes.

For documentation outlining the required steps for getting REDIN set up for your institution, please see

If you decide to pursue integration via flat-file transfer: 

  • Ready Education will supply SFTP credentials.
  • You will need to create a file nightly and send it to Ready Education's server using SSH FTP.
  • (Optional) You can send data more frequently if you like.

Your data will be imported into Ready Education's database and visible to students in the campus app.