How to Use the Icon Generator Web App

Our Icon Generator is a simple and effective tool that allows you to create unique icons for your mobile app. With an intuitive interface, you can select colors for both the background and foreground of your icons. This guide will walk you through the process of creating and downloading your custom icon set.

Getting Started

  1. Access the Web App: Visit Icon Generator to start creating your icons.

  2. Choose Your Colors:

    • You will find two input fields for selecting the background and foreground colors.
    • Input the hex color values directly or use the integrated color picker for easier selection.
    • As you select colors, a sample icon will update in real-time to reflect your choices.
  3. Generate Your Icons:

    • Once you're satisfied with the color combination, click on the “Generate Icons” button.
    • The app will process your selections and prepare a downloadable ZIP file.
  4. Download Your Icon Set:

    • After the icon set is ready, a “Download ZIP” button will appear.
    • Click on this button to download the ZIP file containing your custom icon set.
  5. Creating Multiple Icon Sets:

    • To create a new set of icons, simply choose new colors for either the background or foreground.

Important Tips

  • Hex Color Formats: Ensure you're using valid hex color codes (e.g., #FF5733).
  • Real-Time Preview: Use the sample icon as a preview to see how your selections look before generating the final set.
  • Repeated Use: For multiple icon sets, repeat the process from step 2.