Test User Requirements

What is a test user?

A test user is an account that can log into the school's authentication system and (if applicable) the SIS and LMS systems.

For example, Ready University uses ADFS for authentication and has Banner as their SIS system and Canvas as their LMS system. Ready Education will need a test student account that can log in using ADFS and has test data in Banner and Canvas.


Why do we need a test user?

We need a test user for end-to-end testing in the mobile app. The test user is used by our developers to test authentication, SIS and LMS integrations in a controlled environment prior to rolling out our integrations to your mobile app.

Without a test user, our ability to test your campus app is limited. In particular, we:

  • cannot verify your school’s authentication.
  • cannot verify your SIS and LMS integrations such as Courses, Bursar, Financial Aid, Holds, and Enrollment.
  • cannot demo your app's integrations to you and share your progress.

With a test user, we're able to do the first round of testing of your campus app during implementation, and debug issues that arise from support after launch. With a test user:

  • Our developers have access and visibility to create your integrations in the mobile app, and troubleshoot issues during implementation and post-launch.
  • Our team of quality assurance testers can verify your integrated app.
  • Your Campus Success Consultant and Implementation Manager can give demos of your app during the activation.

What makes a good test user?

The test data required depends on the level of your school's integration. Check with your Implementation Manager or Campus Success Consultant

  • SSO / Authentication
  • My Courses - Integration with your SIS and LMS to display course enrollments, schedules and course data (ex. assignments, quizzes, etc) in the app.
  • My Finances
    • Financial Aid
    • Bursar (Account Balance)
    • Holds
  • My Courses Plus
    • Enrollment

My Courses Test Data

For testing course integrations, we need our test user account to be enrolled into at least one course that has entries in the SIS and LMS system. For example, if we are integrating with your Banner (SIS) and Canvas (LMS) systems, here are the requirements: 

  1. Test User passes SSO authentication with the required attributes (sis_id and lms_id if applicable)

  2. The test user is registered in a current semester course. This is a two-part requirement:

    • Register the test user in courses in your SIS (e.g. Banner)
    • Register the test user in the same SIS (e.g. Banner) courses in your LMS (e.g. Canvas).

    Note: The test data for courses need to overlap both your SIS and LMS systems in order for our developers to map the courses between the two systems, and link them to the mobile app.

  3. Add SIS test data to the test user:

    • Course Schedule (date, time, location, etc.)
    • Grades e.g. final or midterm grades
  4. Add LMS test data to the test user account:

    • Assignments
    • Quizzes
    • Annoucements
    • Discussions e.g. posted discussions, and the ability to reply to discussions
    • Assignment Grades e.g. quiz grade or essay grade

My Finances Test Data

  • Holds

    At least one hold of each type: administrative and financial . The Holds data resides in your SIS system. 

  • Financial Aid

    At least one award in each of these statuses: OfferedAccepted and Declined. Data across multiple terms is recommended. The Financial Aid data resides in your SIS system. 

    Types of data to consider:

    • Grants and Scholarships
    • Loans (subsidized, unsubsidized, PLUS loans)
    • Work Study
  • Bursar

    At least one charge and payment. Data across multiple terms/academic years is recommended for better testing. The Bursar (Account Balance) data resides in your SIS system. 

My Courses Plus Test Data

  • Enrollment

    For testing Enrollment, our test user must be eligible to enroll in courses in a particular term. The student must be able to: 

    1. (required) Add/Drop classes
    2. (preferred) Add/Drop co-req classes 
    3. (preferred) 2 available enrollment terms
    4. (preferred) Able to waitlist in a full class 

You can confirm if the test student has these capabilities by logging into your SIS portal and replicating the steps. 


Do we need test data in the production environment?

We typically start our integrations in the test/staging environment and need test users and data in the test/staging SIS and LMS systems.

Having a test user in production helps us verify integration across production SIS and LMS systems before going live on your production Campus App. Keeping an active production test user and data also helps us quickly debug integrations issues when reported by students to our Help Center.


How long do you need the test user and test data?

We recommend keeping the test user and test data active during the implementation phase. Post-implementation, we recommend maintaining the test user with data for debugging and demo purposes.