📣 May 2023

For our May 2023 Campus Cloud release, we are making important updates to our Community  Keywords Alerts, our Reported Users functionality, and accessibility improvements. Below is the summary of changes:

🌟 Enhanced Moderation of Reported Users

Campus Cloud now includes new views and functionality to help Community Managers promptly take action when a user is reported for inappropriate behaviour in the mobile app. 

Visual Indicator: Community managers see a visual indicator whenever a new report is submitted, allowing them to review reports and take appropriate action promptly.

Reported Users Page: Community managers have access to the Reported Users page, which provides a comprehensive view of all users who have been reported. This feature enables effective management and appropriate actions for reported users.

User Reports Overview: Community managers can view all reports related to a selected user, including reports made against the user and reports made by the selected user on other users. This feature offers valuable insights into user behaviour and helps make informed decisions.

Status Management for Active Reports: Community managers can change the status of active reports, allowing them to update the status based on their review and actions taken. This feature provides flexibility in managing and prioritizing reports efficiently.

Add Notes to Reports: Community managers can add notes to each report, providing additional context, instructions, or comments regarding the report. The notes are available in both the Active and History of Reports sections, ensuring a comprehensive record of information.

🌟 New Logic for Community Keyword Alerts

Based on customer feedback, we have changed the logic determining who receives Keyword Alert emails. You can now monitor keywords across all channels in Community and assign specific Team Members to receive alerts per keyword set. Learn how to set up Keyword Alerts.

🌟 Channels Integrated with RSS/ATOM Feeds

If you had previously integrated an RSS or ATOM feed with a wall in your Community, it has been migrated to use our more advanced Channel system. This means you can now:

  1. Add feeds to existing channels
  2. Combine up to 5 feeds in a channel
  3. Manage the membership for the integrated channel
  4. Manage settings for the integrated channel

Learn how to integrate RSS or ATOM feeds into your Community.


In addition, this release introduces two accessibility improvements: increased color contrast and labels optimized for screen readers.