Overview of Interventions+ Content

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Twenty-Five New Form Templates

By adopting Interventions+ your Campus Cloud has access to a collection of 25 form templates that cover topics within student life, health and wellness, financial, and academics

These pre-built forms feature engaging imagery, questions with conditional feedback, and a range of different “results” pages that promote resources related to the students’ input. You can use these forms to check the pulse of your students throughout the academic year.

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More about form templates

Templates are a great way to create forms without having to start from scratch. 

Learn how to customize the form templates that come with your Campus Cloud.


Adding conditional feedback

By adding “text explanation” blocks to a form, you can provide information directly tied to how the student answered the previous question. This is a great way to give feedback in small doses, which is a better user experience for a mobile device. 

Learn more about text explanation blocks in forms.

Fifteen New Resources

The Interventions+ form templates are integrated with 15 new pre-built resources, covering the same range of topics. We suggest you edit these resources to make them specific to your school. 

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More about resources

Creating a resource is the most flexible way to design a page that displays within your Campus App. Our rich text editor lets you lay out the content and embedded media to make the content easy to read right from your phone.

Learn more about creating and editing resources.

Putting It All Together

Workflows is a powerful tool that helps you push out Interventions+ forms to your students, either by posting the form to a channel in Community, or linking the form to a push notification. 

Workflows is also how you push out relevant resources based on the feedback students provide through each form. 

See our step-by-step guide for creating workflows.

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