What is Interventions+?


Interventions+ is an automated framework of workflows that takes student communication and touch-points from a reactive to a proactive state. 

  • It comes with a collection of pre-built forms that help you diagnose student needs. You can then push out customizable resources to each student based on their responses.
  • Keyword Alerts allow you to proactively monitor conversations taking place in your Community by triggering an email to specific support staff when relevant topics are mentioned in a post or comment.
  • You also get access to Workflows where you can automate actions, such as:
    • Scheduling content to be posted in channels within your Community, or pushed out via notifications, at key points throughout the academic year.
    • Sending students directly to content with a single tap, either by attaching it to a post, or by linking it to a push notification.
    • Triggering Auto-Responses that display a pre-written message instantly in response to a post or comment.

What does this look like to students in their Campus App? The video below highlights a basic example from a pre-populated form: