📣 April 2023

In our upcoming Campus Cloud release for April 2023, we're introducing some improvements to the functionality of Reported Posts and Comments. Here's a summary of the changes we've made:

🌟 Enhanced Reported Posts and Comments functionality

Users who have moderation privileges can now:

  • Quickly view the total number of reported posts and comments without needing to use the reported filter, which makes it easier to monitor and manage reported content.
  • Approve reported posts directly from the main channel feed, which removes the need to use the reported filter.
  • Easily see both the reported and approved flags on posts, giving moderators better visibility and context when moderating.

We've also resolved a known issue where users with moderation permissions were previously unable to report a post using Campus App.

To prevent duplicate reports, Campus App and Campus Cloud users will receive a prompt when attempting to report a post or comment that has already been approved by a moderator, ensuring that moderation efforts are not duplicated.