Access the iOS Beta App

Once you have completed the tasks and set up your Apple Developer Account, we will work on getting your preview app ready and let you know. 

For accessing the preview app, please make sure the iOS App Store tasks are complete. You will receive confirmation from the Activation team at the Ready Education team that your Apple Testflight App is ready! Download, install, review and test the app to provide feedback.

Steps for iOS Device Users

Step 1: Install Apple’s TestFlight app on your device.

To learn more, check out Apple’s Testflight Program

Step 2: Once you’ve installed TestFlight, open the Testflight link shared by the Ready Education Team on your phone.

Follow the instructions below to install. Click  ‘Accept’ and then ‘Next’ to get started. Select ‘Start Testing’ on the next screen.

ios1.png  ios2.png. ios3.png

Step 3: After completing the above steps, you should see the Welcome page for your School’s preview app.

Click ‘Log in’ and log in with your School’s Single Sign-On (SSO). 

ios4.png           ios5.png

Step 4: It is time to explore!

If you haven't received the instructions on how to access the Beta app or need any help or assistance with the process, please get in touch with us; we will be happy to assist you.