Google Service Account Key Deletion

Ready Education is adopting a keyless way to set up Google Cloud Service Accounts which is efficient and secure. If you have already finished the Google App Transfer Process and followed the steps to create a Key in the Google Cloud Platform, please delete any previously created key to upgrade security.

Note: If you are setting up the Service Account under the Google Cloud Platform for the first time please go to this Article to find the complete process


  • Open the Google Play Console
  • Navigate to “Setup” → “API Access” → “View in Google Cloud Platform” in the service account
  • Under “Service Accounts,” click on the service account, created for Google Play Service Account (would contain the letters pc-api...)
  • Navigate to the “Keys” tab to delete the key, and click the(trash bin) icon next to the key entry
  • Please navigate to this Article to adapt the Keyless route for your service account